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Jet Investment launches real estate investment fund

Written about us 30. 10. 2020

Jet Investment is opening a new fund, Jet Industrial Lease, which will focus on real estate investments.

Jet Investment launches a subscription period of a new fund for qualified investors focused on industrial real estate

Press releases 01. 11. 2020

Jet Investment is opening a new fund Jet Industrial Lease. Already third among the Jet funds, Jet Industrial Lease focuses on real estate.

Czech Republic is becoming small for investments

Written about us 15. 10. 2020

Fait is on the lookout for new opportunities in the automotive and energy industries and in retail. In addition to the Czech Republic, he also wants to buy abroad as well as to look for new investors there.

Jet Investment has a new Director for Investment Projects

Press releases 16. 09. 2020

Alexander Kosovský joins Jet Investment as Director / Investment Projects. He will be responsible for the identification of investment opportunities for the Jet 2 Fund.