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3_Investiční strategie

We invest into sectors we understand

We generate returns for investors and solutions for industry

We have chosen to take a conservative approach to business, and we prefer to grow gradually rather than to take on excessive risks and pursue uncertain profits. Long-term stability is the reason investors repeatedly entrust their funds to us.


Investment focus

We invest into majority shareholdings in industrial companies within Central Europe. We seek late-stage venture, growth, buy-out, and turnaround/rescue investment opportunities. Our speciality industries are engineering, railways, automotive, petrochemicals, chemicals, natural gas, wood processing, and technical textiles. We prepare our businesses for the future by investing into automation, high technology and modern materials.


Active company management

The companies in our portfolio are managed in the field by our own team of experts. They sit on the boards of directors and supervisory boards and plan the companies’ strategic development. Each acquisition is managed by a project director on a daily hands-on management basis, and the project director’s remuneration is determined by the company’s long-term results. Only this approach ensures flexible and qualified decision-making and minimization of risk.


Portfolio diversification

We build our portfolio with the aim to bring risk down to the lowest-possible level. In addition to holding a diverse mix of industries in our portfolio, we also combine companies in various phases of their development. The dividend part of the portfolio consists of prosperous businesses that have gone through restructuring and thus offer attractive and stable returns. For the growth part of the portfolio, we acquire companies with a view to their successful restructuring and subsequent growth.


Platforms for higher profits

We purchase companies strategically, combining the companies within the portfolio into industry groups. By means of both acquisitions and organic investments, we build entire platforms around one or more businesses based upon working up the supply chain, utilizing mutual selling or production synergies, or with an objective to strengthen their positions on the market.

What businesses we invest in

  • Export-oriented manufacturing businesses with their own products or offering high-quality work

  • Companies undervalued due to crises in the industry or exceptional circumstances
  • Companies in reorganization or insolvency
  • Companies with restructuring or growth potential
  • Companies that can strengthen the market positions of companies within our portfolio
  • Opportunistic acquisitions (within our sector constraints)

What are our investment criteria

  • Annual company sales of EUR 10–200 million
  • Company value of EUR 0–100 million
  • EBITDA that is negative to EUR 30 million

  • Investment needs up to EUR 100 million
  • Preference for majority share with management control