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Coronavirus: We remain a reliable partner open to opportunities

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Although it is already clear that the impacts on the world economy will be significant, the well-being and safety of our families, colleagues and employees remain at the forefront of our concerns. We wish everyone who is coping with the current difficult situation good health, an optimistic mind and much-needed strength.

In times of uncertainty, we carefully consider our investment decisions and analyse the impact of the economic and financial consequences of this crisis – not only on the companies in our portfolio but also on the entities we previously identified as acquisition targets. Even though investing in the current environment may seem a very complex task, Jet Investment has long-term experience in managing companies in crises and in conducting detailed, in-depth analyses before entering new investments.

We continue to manage companies of the Jet funds actively. Their management, along with the intensive support of our project managers, responds immediately to the state's sanitary and other security measures. Our companies are only minimally indebted, and the impact of a possible credit crunch would not have a fatal consequence for them. We remain in close contact with investors of our funds, who we transparently inform on the latest developments in the portfolio and explain our strategic steps.

We know from experience that prompt ability to make clear decisions and respond to industry and global macroeconomic events is crucial in times of sudden upheavals. Fortunately, we recognise this ability as our key strength. Thus, we remain a reliable partner, ready to rationally assess the situation, to adapt our decisions and go to meet new opportunities halfway.

We are at your disposal in case you want to discuss our current cooperation, or if you are indeed interested in starting a future one.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person once again,
Your Jet Investment

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