TEDOM a.s. has acquired the trading company CEES and is now able to offer smart energy services

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(Třebíč, 28 April 2022) TEDOM a.s., from the Jet 2 Fund, has acquired a 50% share in the trading company Central European Energy Services s.r.o. (CEES). The subsidiary will be integrated into its broader portfolio of companies under the new name TEDOM trading and will strengthen the basis for provision of smart services in the energy sector.

The acquisition of CEES (now TEDOM trading s.r.o.) was another step towards building a platform that together under the TEDOM brand can offer a comprehensive package of interrelated services to the energy market. “This is a long-term strategy of the entire TEDOM Group. Our vision is to move from the mere production of cogeneration units to smart energy, which means a new model within the energy industry that is characterized mainly by decentralization of diverse energy sources,” says TEDOM CEO Vladimír Hlavinka.

With the help of TEDOM trading, TEDOM will be able to create something on the order of its own energy ecosystem. This starts with the actual production of cogeneration units, continues with their operation and energy production under the wings of TEDOM Power, and is further followed by retail sale of the energy produced to end customers by TEDOM energy. TEDOM trading is a very important piece in the mosaic, as it can sell or buy the generated energy on the wholesale market, but, at the same time, by means of its own aggregation unit, it also can provide ancillary services to ČEPS (Czech Transmission System Operator), which means to maintain stability at times of shortage or surplus of electricity in the network. In spring of this year, TEDOM has obtained the necessary certification to provide these services. “TEDOM is now capable to offer its customers attractive business models, from joining an aggregation unit to creating their own units by licensing the software solution for the aggregation unit. To fully exploit the potential of a cogeneration unit, photovoltaic power plant, or any small energy source, it must be combined into a virtual power plant with similar sources,” explained CEO Vladimír Hlavinka.

TEDOM trading s.r.o. specializes in electricity and gas trading on both exchange and over-the-counter markets, ancillary services, and energy dispatching, as well as in the development of software for energy portfolio management.

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