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2JCP completes merger with 2JCP Třebíč, emerging as a single strong entity

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(Račice, Třebíč, April 1, 2024) Today, the merger of our two Czech companies 2JCP a.s. and 2JCP Třebíč a.s. was finalized, merging both companies into one legal entity, 2JCP a.s. This merger marks the conclusion of the convergence process initiated in 2021 with the acquisition of the Třebíč engineering company under the then-name PBS INDUSTRY.

The merger, towards which both companies had been aiming since the acquisition of the Třebíč engineering company, will create a strong engineering-manufacturing company capable of providing comprehensive services in the progressive low-emission energy sectors.

"Together, we offer customers initial engineering, subsequent production, and final on-site installation for a wide portfolio of energy projects. The merger will further strengthen our position in both client relationships and the supply chain. Internally, we aim to streamline group management and enable further synergies. Together, we plan to more than double our turnover by 2027," says Marek Palička, Project Director at Jet Investment overseeing 2JCP management. 

Supporting the connection of all group parts are two recently created positions in 2JCP's senior management - Daniel Newton, Managing Director of the English branch of 2JCP, has become Group Chief Sales Officer since February, and Martin Hartmann, former Head of Engineering in Račice, is now Group Engineering Manager.

The Třebíč engineering company, then known as PBS INDUSTRY, was acquired by 2JCP in 2021. It was incorporated into its structure as a subsidiary and the management initiated a holistic transformation of Třebíč operations. While originally focused on traditional energy projects for local and Eastern markets, through optimization and streamlining of production and especially modernization of production spaces, it gradually began working on joint sophisticated projects in new energy, primarily for customers in Western Europe and the USA. Just last year, 2JCP invested over CZK 50 million in reconstructing Třebíč production halls. Today, the Třebíč plant works on components for CO2 capture, processing of synthetic and organic waste, or components for large industrial heat pumps.

"The completion of the merger marks the culmination of a three-year process of integrating the Třebíč branch into 2JCP group structures. The Třebíč engineering company brings long-standing know-how to the 2JCP group in the areas of design and fabrication of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and large machined components, from which we will be able to benefit even more efficiently post-merger," adds Vojtěch Křenovský, Group CEO.


About 2JCP

2JCP was founded in 1992. It is a global leader in providing a diverse range of engineered solutions for gas turbines, hydrogen generation, carbon capture and storage, and waste-to-X sectors. With a project footprint in over 50 countries, 2JCP operates engineering offices and manufacturing facilities across Europe and North America.

The company is part of the portfolio of Jet Investment, a Czech investment firm with a 25-year track record of specializing in industrial company investments. Clean energy is set to become the focus of their future acquisitions.




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