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4_Podniky v portfoliu

Diversifying the portfolio, spreading the risk

We join companies into strong industry platforms

We invest into small and medium-sized companies, because we believe that precisely these constitute the backbone of the economy in our region. Under the Jet Investment flag, you will today eighteen companies on six platforms in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Poland. We strategically join together the companies within the portfolio to create industry platforms, because our companies stand stronger together.



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2JCP Group



specializes in manufacturing crankshafts and connecting rods. The group’s overall product portfolio serves a broad spectrum of its market – from manufacturers of premium automobiles to producers of tractors, construction and agricultural machinery, and snowmobiles.
  • Fund: Jet 1
  • Companies: STROJÍRNY POLDI, HOECKLE Germany, HOECKLE Austria, JET Motoren Service
  • Industries: automotive components and industrial machine-building
  • Sales: CZK 1,136 million
  • Employees: 304

Based in Kladno, Czech Republic, STROJÍRNY POLDI has a history dating back to 1889. It produces engine crankshafts for tractors, agricultural and forest machinery, construction machinery, lorries, pumps, compressors, and naval and stationary engines. The company also makes cylinders for cold rolling of steel sheeting and tools for machining and forging of metals.

The three plants of the German–Austrian engineering company HOECKLE Group produce crankshafts and connecting rods for the world’s leading producers of passenger cars, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles. HOECKLE also builds and services gas engines and provides general service for other engine types. 


produces state-of-the-art, high-tech materials for the automotive and aircraft industries. In two companies the entire production process is ongoing to process materials from their own fibre production through to impregnation.
  • Fund: Jet 1
  • Companies: FIBERPREG GmbH, Kordcarbon
  • Industries: specialty chemicals, technical textiles
  • Sales: CZK 167 million
  • Employees: 30

Kordcarbon, a. s., FIBERPREG GmbH
The company produces and impregnates its own carbon, aramid, and hybrid fabrics. So-called prepregs are used in manufacturing top-quality carbon components for the aviation and automotive industries and for sporting goods manufacturers. The portfolio is complemented by integrated production of laminates for door systems, for construction companies, and for producers of electric appliances and equipment.




produces gas cogeneration units, provides services for biogas stations, and operates thermal energy sources. It exports equipment for efficient production of electricity, heat and cooling to more than 50 countries. Recently, it also began supplying energy to end customers.
  • Fund: Jet 2
  • Companies: TEDOM, a. s., TEDOM SCHNELL GmbH, TEDOM energie s.r.o.
  • Industries: power industry
  • Sales: CZK 3,481 million
  • Employees: 985

TEDOM, a.s.
TEDOM, headquartered in Výčapy with manufacturing plants in Třebíč, Hořovice and Jablonec nad Nisou, was founded in 1991. TEDOM’s technologies reduce energy costs. They are highly flexible and environmentally friendly. In addition to producing electricity, cogeneration makes use of the heat released during its production. Combined electricity and heat generation thus saves up to 70% of the energy from fuel that would be lost if the two were produced separately. Furthermore, adding a cooling unit allows the heat to be converted to cooling through a process known as trigeneration, thereby enabling TEDOM units to supply air conditioning in addition to electricity and heat.



The German company SCHNELL Motoren was established in 1992 and has gradually become one of the largest producers of cogeneration units intended especially for biogas plants. SCHNELL Motoren became part of the TEDOM Group in 2016.



TEDOM energie s.r.o.
TEDOM energie purchases and supplies energy to end customers, households, businesses and municipalities. Utilizing the know-how of its parent company, TEDOM a.s., it generates significant synergies and opportunities not only for the whole group, but especially for the end customers who will be able to use TEDOM products and services, including the option of connecting to a virtual power plant.


2JCP Group

2JCP is an engineering and machine-building group whose portfolio encompasses primarily projects in the modern low-emissions power industry but also in the food-processing, aviation, and automotive sectors. It has at its disposal extensive manufacturing capacities and a strong sales representation in the Czech Republic, Western Europe, and the United States. Its contract deliveries comprise not only production per se but also basic and detailed engineering, installation of technologies at the end location, and in some cases also after-sales services.
  • Fund: Jet 2
  • Companies: 2JCP a.s., 2JCP Třebíč a.s., 2JCP Ltd, 2JCP LLC
  • Industries: engineering, power industry, food industry, automotive components, products and services for oil and gas industries
  • Sales: CZK 1,552 million
  • Employees: 654

2JCP, a. s.

Established in 1992, 2JCP Group has production plants in Račice and Třebíč as well as sales and technical branches in Great Britain and the USA. By acquiring PBS INDUSTRY a.s. in 2021, it has been expanded by a new production area in Třebíč. 2JCP is a global supplier of a broad product portfolio for the gas energy sector, production of hydrogen for fuel, circular economy and waste processing, as well as for submarine systems and the food-processing, automotive, and aviation sectors. It supplies its products and services all over the world.




EDS Group



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EDS Group

With eight printing plants in five countries, this holding based in Passau, Germany is one of the largest and most profitable groups in the European printing business. It is the largest partner of retail chains in Central and Eastern Europe for printing their marketing communications. The group has a diversified portfolio with respect to printing services offered and clients served. In addition to retail, its clientele includes the region’s major media houses.
  • Fund: Jet 2
  • Industries: Printing
  • Sales: CZK 7,903 million
  • Employees: 1225


The Polish company Rockfin specializes in the development and production of oil and fuel systems for turbines, generators and compressors used in almost all sectors of the energy industry, including renewable and distributed energy. Rockfin’s technology solutions are applied also in other sectors, such as the paper and petrochemical industries. An important part of the portfolio is the development and production of hydrogen processing technologies. Rockfin’s headquarters and production are located in Małkowo, near the port of Gdańsk, and the company has two other production plants in central and eastern Poland (Bydgoszcz and Gorlice), as well as sales and production teams in the USA, Italy and Switzerland.
  • Fund: Jet 2
  • Industries: engineering, energy
  • Sales: CZK 2,285 million
  • Employees: 709


LIKOV is a top European manufacturer and distributor of plastic and aluminium building profiles and construction accessories, specializing in external insulation systems. The company has a strong focus on exports, with its products sold to 250 customers across 39 countries. It employs over 150 people at its production and logistics facility located in Kuřim, South Moravia.
  • Fund: Jet 3
  • Industries: building industry
  • Sales: CZK 1,500 million
  • Employees: 150

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