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About Jet Investment

Through 25 years of working in private equity, we have helped breathe new life into 36 industrial enterprises. In managing, developing, and subsequently selling these firms, we pursue a simple objective: to achieve high returns without excessive risks. We have chosen a conservative path of gradual growth. We do not believe in quick successes, because those usually do not endure. Through Jet Funds, qualified investors taking a long-term view have been on this path with us for seven years.

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Long-term results speak for us

The successes of the past 25 years are evidenced in our track record. We started out with a million crowns, and today we are making billions with our investors. As a matter of principle, we invest only in projects we believe in.

We actively manage every business in the portfolio

We do not achieve high returns just by sitting behind a desk. Our project managers personally manage every business in our portfolio, and their remuneration is entirely dependent on how well those companies fares over the long term.

We invest in accordance with respected standards

We apply standardized principles in fundraising, investing, and managing our investment company. Jet Investment is licensed to establish and manage private equity funds anywhere in the EU. Moreover, our investments are under strict supervision of the Czech National Bank.


2 JCP Group to be led by Vojtěch Křenovský

Press releases 08. 07. 2022

2 JCP Group, a part of the Jet 2 Fund portfolio, has transformed its management. Vojtěch Křenovský is now CEO of this engineering group. Mr Křenovský became CEO as of 1 July 2022, replacing in this position the founder of 2 JCP, Jan Pačes.

Czech engineering company 2 JCP signs contract with Siemens Energy for production of industrial electrolyzers

Written about us 28. 06. 2022

The Czech engineering company 2 JCP has been cooperating with Siemens Energy on the development of their Silyzer 300 hydrogen electrolyzer since 2020. The two-year-long engineering process has now been completed with the signing of a CZK 100 million contract for the production and assembly of three electrolyzers.

unquote.com: Jet Investment doubles down on industrial impact ahead of next fundraise

Written about us 30. 05. 2022

Central European industrials-focused GP Jet Investment is doubling down on its industrial impact strategy and assessing opportunities in the region as it heads for its next fundraise, partner Marek Malik told Unquote.

TEDOM has acquired the trading company CEES and is now able to offer smart energy services

Press releases 28. 04. 2022

TEDOM, from the Jet 2 Fund, has acquired a 50% share in the trading company Central European Energy Services s.r.o. (CEES). The subsidiary will be integrated into its broader portfolio of companies under the new name TEDOM trading and will strengthen the basis for provision of smart services in the energy sector.

Jet Funds

Jet Funds for qualified investors are here to provide you with the opportunity to participate with us in large-scale private equity investments and to profit from their above-average returns. More than 200 private and institutional investors from across the Czech Republic and abroad have already invested in the Jet 1 and Jet 2 funds.   

Jet Investment in a nutshell

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