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We offer a new perspective for your business

We invest into sectors we understand. For more than 20 years, we have been navigating industrial businesses to success

We invest into companies with the aim of strengthening their market positions. We develop businesses strategically, we have a grasp on the development of their segments and markets, we introduce modern systems of management, and we invest to prepare them for the future. During our funds' investment periods, we enter into businesses at all stages of their development – from rising stars through mature enterprises to businesses in distress. We specialize primarily in industry and associated services. Our portfolio features firms from such sectors as engineering, railways, automotive, chemicals, power engineering, wood processing, and technical textiles.


If you are looking for a successor who will lead the company with you and develop it further

We meet business owners who have built up prosperous companies on their own, devoted all their energies to their growth, and know every detail of their products better than anybody else. But when they decide to redirect their interests towards family, hobbies, and well-deserved leisure, they have nobody to whom they can pass on the leadership, fully or in part.

In such cases, we are prepared to enter the company, offer our know-how and financial resources, and, building upon the solid foundations established by the founder, operate the company at a new level with modern management structures making it capable to succeed in the global market.

You know your company as no one else does. We understand the market, distribution networks, costs optimization, and price formation in industrial companies. Taken together, we already have guided many companies on their way to growth and competitiveness.


If you want to grow but need a partner to support you

Owners with drive and clear vision encounter difficulties when they lack certain know-how, competent people, capital, contacts, the right opportunities, or a combination of these to achieve their goals. The necessity to perform well in all these aspects, and usually in the face of increasing competitive pressure, is a no less common reason to seek a strategic partner.

With the entry of Jet Investment, each company becomes part of a strongly constructed portfolio of businesses wherein companies are grouped into industry platforms and synergistically complement one another. The Jet Investment team includes professionals from a number of industrial segments and is able to get the right people to the right places. These professionals search actively for opportunities to develop a company and its core business. Last but not least, the entry of Jet Investment can bring sufficient capital so that, together with the owner, we can take over a rival company and in this way sharply boost the market share and growth opportunities.


If you need a cash injection

Rescuing insolvent companies that need to be acquired and restructured is one of the key pillars of our know-how. We were there for the first and largest court-directed restructuring in the Czech Republic, and in 8 years we succeeded to transform Kordárna in Velká nad Veličkou into a European leader within its sector that attracted investors from around the world. Turn-around acquisitions are no rarity in our history, as you can see for yourself in the Case Studies section.

Indebtedness, however, is not all that we can resolve. With resources from Jet Funds, we can provide a financial impetus for a fresh start. If you know your company is in a growth phase and in need of essential investments but you cannot afford them in adequate amounts, do not hesitate to contact us. We invest happily into companies where we see unfulfilled potential, because we are motivated by the rewards of a prospering business.



What are our investment criteria?

· Annual company sales of EUR 10–200 million

· Company value of EUR 0–100 million

· EBITDA that is negative to EUR 30 million

· Investment needs up to EUR 100 million

· Preference for majority share with management control


We guarantee a discreet and fair selling process

With the resources of Jet Funds and our experience, we can afford to put a solid offer on the table that is based upon detailed due diligence. We guarantee absolutely discreet negotiations, a personal approach, and a selling process that is straightforward and fair.

If you are seeking new horizons for your business, do not hesitate to contact us.


How do we manage the companies in our portfolio?

Read more in the investment strategy section or check out the LinkedIn article by our partner Marek Malik.



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