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Jet Industrial Lease’s return
since inception, as at 31 December 2023*
*Disclaimer: Historical performance
does not guarantee future returns.
bn CZK
current fund portfolio
total area
lettable area
sites and projects

Invest with us in

Jet Industrial

Jet Industrial Lease invests into industrial properties offering the highest possible appreciation in the real estate market. Drawing upon our years of experience in industry, we know how to choose the best investment opportunities. We truly understand the needs of industrial enterprises.
We are specialists in
sale & leaseback
We purchase thriving industrial
properties, then lease them back
to the former owners.
The Fund starts collecting rental
income immediately.
dlouhodobě bonitní
We select long-term
creditworthy tenants
We are interested in long-term
lease contracts (10–15 years).
After rigorous due diligence,
we buy only properties
with robust lease potential.
We shrewdly diversify
our investments
We reduce risk by spreading our
investments among different
geographies and across industrial,
logistics, and other
commercial properties.
We actively manage and
develop properties
We invest in real estate with added
value, then increase it further.
As owners of a number of
we know what it takes to manage
and develop industrial sites.

The investment committee is responsible for management and control of the Fund’s investments

Igor Fait
Managing Partner
Lubor Turza
Libor Šparlinek
Marek Malík

Standing behind Jet Industrial Lease Fund

Pavel Drabina
Managing Director
Pavel is responsible for the Fund’s management, performance, and investment strategy. Leading a team of specialists in Prague, he coordinates and manages due diligence during acquisition and divestment processes.
Tomáš Brezula
Director of Asset Management
Tomáš’s role is to effectively manage the real estate assets owned by the Fund together with their further development. This includes leasing operations.
Radek Londýn
Radek is in charge of all accounting, financial, and tax matters related not only to activities of the Fund but also for all its subsidiaries (SPVs).
Jan Kos
Director of Acquisitions
Jan is responsible for proactively seeking new and attractive acquisition opportunities on the market, as well as for divestment projects.

NAV per investment share since inception of the Fund

Period from 1 July 2021 to November 2023

How our
investors earn

The main source of the Fund’s income is from leasing. We continuously grow the value of properties, allowing us to collect higher rents. We are actively engaged in the development and redevelopment of buildings, and we know how to work with their changing use. A part of the income is generated by gains on property revaluation and currency hedging. Another source of the Fund's income consists in opportunistic turn-around or development projects.

4 reasons
to invest

Long-term growth prospect
We support and expand with European industry, which offers the best potential for long-term market growth.
Reasonable risk
We mitigate risk through active property management and rigorous due diligence, while drawing upon our extensive experience in managing industrial enterprises.
An open fund
Open for new investments and new projects. You can invest in Jet Industrial Lease Fund at any time while we continue to develop new investment projects enhancing its performance.
Leasing beats inflation
Always. An investment in an industrial property fund with secured leases is the most reliable anti-inflationary instrument.
We can give you even more reasons
to consider investing
I want to invest

We are a Jet Investment fund
Jet Investment

25 %
Outstanding track record
We have been developing and preparing
industrial companies for the future since
1997. Historically, we have achieved
appreciation of 25% p.a.
Longtime successful team
We understand industry, as well
as financial and crisis management.
We have successfully
managed nearly 40 projects.
up to
40 %
We invest
alongside you
Jet Investment’s founders,
led by Igor Fait,
are substantially invested
in the capital of all Jet funds.
bn CZK
We manage
CZK 12 billion for our investors
They entrust us with their funds
repeatedly. They know we have a
sense for moneymaking solutions and
opportunities that others miss
Igor Fait

Igor Fait about Jet Industrial Lease Fund

Managing Partner
“Owning one’s own production hall is a thing of the past. Real estate is a dead asset for companies. Money tied up in buildings can be put to much better use in the core business for investment and growth. A thriving enterprise is the best tenant one could wish for. They pay immediately, they don’t pick up and move away production or staff, and they open up opportunities for development. All this together brings solid returns for our investors.”
Investment Strategy

We invest where
it makes sense

1. ESG always a priority down

Sustainable investing is a core value for us at Jet Industrial Lease. We want to provide our investors opportunity to invest responsibly with respect to their environmental and social goals. Prior to purchase, we subject each property to thorough ESG due diligence. For new projects, we are attentive to maximizing their sustainability. We remodel older projects and invest into their sustainable development. All of our properties have been or are being certified.

2. Achieving appealing returns through diversification down

Although our primary focus is on investing in general-purpose industrial real estate, we are involved to some extent also in opportunistic investments in commercial assets within the office and retail sectors.

3. Active property management and administration down

We choose investment targets whose value we can grow through everyday work. Our longtime management experience means we are able to focus on investments with potential for high added value, such as the possibility of additional construction. By effectively administering real estate assets, we will achieve an attractive appreciation with limited risk.

4. Investor and leasing know-how down

We understand real estate from both sides – as investors and as tenants. By thoroughly analysing a business, its real estate, and the tenant’s creditworthiness, we minimize investment risk right from the outset. Through competently managing and developing buildings, we maintain high quality for the tenant and increase the value of the properties in our portfolio.

5. Our conservative approach reduces risk down

When selecting projects, we invest with a conservative level of indebtedness. Projects must make economic sense on their own. We know from experience that this is the right way to grow property value successfully over the long term.

6. Expert crisis management down

We can also offer our tenants expert assistance in areas of the business itself. Investment management in crisis situations has always been one of the key pillars of Jet Investment’s know-how, and our private equity team is available to our tenants when they need it.

Let’s talk
about your investment into
Jet Industrial Lease

Investments Investments over CZK 5 million (investing through Jet Investment) Investments of CZK 1–5 million (investing through a third party)

Are you looking to invest? We will make it easy for you

For investors with CZK 5 million and up
Jan Brávek
from Jet Investment
Jan is responsible for investor relationships at Jet Investment. He will discuss your expectations and questions with you, provide a detailed presentation of the investment product, and guide you through the entire investment process.

Written about Jet Industrial Lease

The Fund’s real
estate portfolio

Europe’s future lies in industry
Businesses that build Europe’s prosperity. Companies that drive economic growth. Technology innovators working for our better future. After rigorous due diligence, manufacturing facilities such as these come together in Jet Industrial Lease Fund. While our team actively administers and develops these properties, our investors share in the proceeds of their stable leases.
of European industry
is concentrated in Central Europe
Do you own an industrial property?
Are you interested to become a part of our portfolio?
Property selection criteria
  • type of real estate (preference for industry, R&D, logistics)
  • value added potential
  • long-term lease agreements
  • highly creditworthy tenants
  • attractive property location
  • quality of the property
  • indispensability factor

AL-KO site
Germany down


Brześć Kujawski site
Poland down


Koluszki site
Poland down


Września site
Poland down


AL-KO site

Großkötz, Germany

A mix of modern manufacturing, warehouse, office, and R&D space
21, 000 m2 / 42, 000 m2
Lettable / Total site area
9.1 years

The fully let site with total area of 42,000 m2 is situated near the A8 motorway, about 20 km from the city of Ulm. Its lettable area of 21,000 m2 is a mix of modern production, office, warehouse, and R&D spaces with potential for further development on an area of approximately 13,000–14,000 m2.

The existing tenants are AL-KO KOBER SE and its garden technology division AL-KO Geräte GmbH, ALOIS KOBER GmbH, and Empaios Real Estate GmbH, which provides facility management services at the site.

Originally a family-owned company and with a 90-year history, AL-KO, was already established on the site in the 1960s. The current modern complex, built to a high technical and architectural standard, houses the headquarters as well as the technology centre and production.

Brześć Kujawski site

Brześć Kujawski, Poland

23, 000 m2 / 60, 000 m2
Lettable / Total site area
13.9 years

This 60,000 m2 site near Brześć Kujawski is located in the immediate vicinity of the A1 motorway near Włocławek. The sole tenant is Kongsberg Automotive.

Koluszki site

Koluszki, Poland

17,000 m2 / 32,000 m2
Lettable / Total site area
10.2 years

Kongsberg Automotive and Lear Corporation lease this 32,000 m2 site on the outskirts of Koluszki. The site comprises 17,000 m2 of production, office, and warehouse space, 2,000 m2 of which is office space.

Września site

Września, Poland

5,000 m2 / 32,000 m2
Lettable / Total site area
6.1 years

This site in the vicinity of Września and near the A2 motorway exit is leased by Benteler Automotive. The land area is 32,000 m2 and the built-up area is 5,000 m2, with office space comprising 600 m2.

Polkowice site

Polkowice, Poland

6,000 m2 / 23,000 m2
Lettable / Total site area
7.4 years

Located on the outskirts of Polkowice, near the S3 motorway, the site is used by Sanden Manufacturing. The site is directly connected to the neighbouring parent production hall and focuses mainly on assembly and logistics. The land area is 23,000 m2 and built-up area is 6,000 m2. We are currently preparing to expand the premises for the tenants.

Międzyrzecz site

Międzyrzecz, Poland

9,000 m2 / 28,000 m2
Lettable / Total site area
6.2 years

The site lies in the industrial part of Międzyrzecz, close to the exit from the E65 expressway. The A2 motorway is 10 minutes away, and the tenant is Auto Acoustics. The land area covers 28,000 m2 and built-up area is 9,000 m2, of which 600 m2 are occupied by offices.

Polkowice site
Poland down


Międzyrzecz site
Poland down


Airport Business Centre
Czechia down


Nučice site
Czechia down


Airport Business Centre

Václav Havel Airport, Prague-Ruzyně, Czechia

15,000 m2 / 14,542 m2
Lettable / Total site area
3.2 years

This office building with total leasable area of 14,542 m2 and eight floors is located at the premises of Václav Havel Airport Prague on Aviatická Street directly opposite Terminal 2. The building is leased to a diversified portfolio of about 50 tenants, mainly from the logistics sector. It is the only office space at the Ruzyně airport with potential for further rental growth.
In addition to standard services for tenants, the building also offers a branch of the Czech Post, a fitness centre, a restaurant/canteen, a hair salon, and dry cleaners, as well as 300 parking spaces.
In future, the exit of the planned Prague – Kladno – Václav Havel Airport high-speed railway, which the contractor estimates to be completed during 2029–2030, will be located directly by the building.

Nučice site

Nučice, Rudná u Prahy, Czechia

21,000 m2 / 62,000 m2
Lettable / Total site area
2.7 years

The Nučice site, whose anchor tenant is the Czech producer of vinyl records GZ Media, is situated at an attractive location southwest of Prague near the entrance to the D5 motorway and the Prague ring road.
On its total land area of 62,000 m2, the site offers 21,000 m2 of lettable area consisting mainly of warehouse, production, and partly also administrative space.
In future, this location offers potential for further development and expansion of the lettable area by as much as 8,000 m2.

Techpark Odolena Voda

The Fund is owner of Techpark Odolena Voda s. r. o., which will develop land of ca 50,000 m2 for the construction of halls in Odolena Voda. After preparation of project documentation and issuance of the planning decision, the Fund will decide whether to proceed with the development on its own or to divest the project at some stage, depending on the market situation. This is an opportunistic project in an exposed location near Prague with the possibility for attractive appreciation already upon issuance of the planning decision and possibly also a building permit.

Techpark Odolena Voda


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