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Where others see industry, we see investment opportunity

We have a sense for profitable solutions

The Jet Real Estate Fund is our answer for:

  • qualified investors
  • owners of industrial properties
  • Czech industry

Invest with us in Jet Industrial Lease

The success of Jet Funds and our industrial know-how are the motivation for opening a new fund

The Jet Industrial Lease Fund targeting investments in industrial and other real estate offers high returns to its investors and opportunity for Czech manufacturers to accelerate development of their core businesses.

We believe that our industrial know-how, the recurring invested capital of our investors, and, last but not least, our reputation give us a significant advantage in the market.

As always, we wish to offer you the same opportunity.

8% p.a.
expected return
CZK 150-300M
typical acquisition size
minimum investment (Conseq)
minimum investment (Jet Investment)
5 years or more
investment horizon

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We will present the investment to you personally

Thank you for your interest in Jet Industrial Lease Fund. We fully understand that you will not want to decide online about such an important investment. We would like to speak with you about your objectives and perhaps agree a suitable date for a personal meeting.

Investment of CZK 1–5 million

Tomáš Kálal from CONSEQ will be pleased to assist you.

+420 225 988 286

Investment of CZK 5 million and more

Jan Brávek from Jet Investment will be pleased to assist you.

+420 724 357 700

Our Mission

  • To provide investors with long-term sustainable value

    By combining investments in industrial real estate with its active management, we offer investors an attractive return on invested capital with relatively limited investment risk.

  • To invest in real estate where we know the lessee

    The value of industrial real estate lies not only in its location and quality but also in the lessee’s creditworthiness. Our longtime experience in industry enables us to evaluate and critically analyse this better than typical real estate investors or developers.

  • To provide proper care for industrial properties

    By separating real estate ownership and its specialized management from the business itself, we increase the value of both. As direct owners of a number of industrial enterprises, we know exactly what is required for the effective management and development of properties at industrial premises.

  • To help Czech industrialists and business

    Entrepreneurs can use the capital tied up in real estate much better and more effectively in their core businesses. By financing this capital, we untie their hands and enable them to do so.

  • To accelerate investment and business capital

    As investors, we see a truly unique opportunity that sensibly joins investors’ risk and return requirements from real estate investments with business investments and the interests of property owners.

We understand the needs of industry. Including its business premises

For more than 20 years we have been seeking out, managing, and developing attractive investment opportunities in industrial production. We have continued to do so despite changing economic cycles. Our investment model and active management style have enabled us to navigate acquisitions steadily and safely through market fluctuations and crises. Our long-term results speak for themselves, particularly as we have outperformed the S&P index by multiples. We have paid out above-average returns to our investors, who have come back to us repeatedly and entrusted their funds to us with confidence.

We have determined that industry has potential also outside of its core business, specifically in the management and development of its real estate.

Investment Strategy

We invest where it makes sense

  • Investment focus and asset diversification

    We focus primarily on investments in industrial real estate. An attractive return remains our key criterion, however, and thus, in the interest of diversification, we will be involved in opportunistic investments in commercial assets within the office and retail areas and potentially also in residential housing.

  • Active management

    We select such investment targets whose value we can multiply through everyday work. With our long managerial experience, we are able to focus on investments with potential for high added value. By actively managing real estate assets, we will achieve an attractive appreciation with limited risk.

  • Know-how

    We understand real estate from both sides – as investors and as tenants. By thoroughly analysing a business, its real estate, and the tenant’s creditworthiness, we minimize investment risk right from the outset. By competently managing and developing buildings, we maintain high quality for the tenant and increase the value of the properties in our portfolio.

  • Risk aversion

    When selecting projects, we invest with a conservative level of indebtedness. Projects must make economic sense on their own. We know from experience that this is the right way to grow property value successfully over the long term.

  • Crisis management

    Managing investments in crisis situations has always been one of the key pillars of our know-how. Our private equity team is thus able to offer tenants expert assistance in all areas of their businesses.