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2 JCP Group to be led by Vojtěch Křenovský

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(Račice, July 8) 2 JCP Group, a part of the Jet 2 Fund portfolio, has transformed its management. Vojtěch Křenovský is now CEO of this engineering group.

Mr Křenovský became CEO as of 1 July 2022, replacing in this position the founder of 2 JCP, Jan Pačes. “My ambition is to lead 2 JCP Group to become a leader in the supply of systems and solutions for modern, low-emission energy and decarbonization projects. This new direction should breathe fresh wind into 2 JCP’s sails and be a big motivation for the entire team. In pursuing this vision and with a view to the great potential in these areas, we will strive to double the Group’s size within the next 5 years," Mr Křenovský remarks.

Mr Pačes, who has continued to manage 2 JCP since its takeover in the 1990s, remains in a managerial position within the Group and, as Sales Director, will focus exclusively on commercial matters and business development. “The aim of the change in management positions is to take another strategic step forward from what originally was a family-run company to a highly professionally managed global group,” comments Mr Pačes.

Mr Křenovský, who formerly served as Plant Manager at Racice, has been working at 2 JCP since 2012. He is a graduate of Czech Technical University in Prague.

 The engineering group 2 JCP, which is part of the Jet 2 Fund portfolio, is focused upon design, engineering, and production for several segments ranging from the energy sector to the automotive and food industries. In recent years, the Group has made significant advances into the clean energy segment and is working on projects in the areas of ​​carbon capture, hydrogen sources, and the circular economy. The Group supplies its products and services to more than 50 countries around the world and has design offices and manufacturing plants in the USA and Europe.



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