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When selling doesn’t mean the end. Don’t let your business hit rock bottom

The business isn’t growing as it should, it’s losing that initial drive and market position, maybe it’s even already stuck in seemingly unresolvable problems. The properly timed sale of a business can be a win–win strategy, with the owners receiving a decent return and the business a healing cure.

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Give your business a boost. Why you need not fear a strategic partner

A strategic partner can help at a time when businesses need new energy or capital for further growth, when they are unable to fulfil their potential and move to bigger markets on their own, or they lack capable people or contacts.

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When is the right time to sell a business to avoid losing money and sleep

They have built up their businesses from nothing and achieved billions in sales, but as owners they start to think about selling their companies only when they get into trouble. And that is wrong, say the experts.

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