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ZPA Nová Paka, a. s.

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Industries Electromechanics
Divestment November 2007
Acquisition August 2001
Investment returns

The returns led to the project’s appreciating to 6.8 times the initial investment.


By implementing the recovery plan, a company that had been operating in long-term losses succeeded in building a solid position on the domestic and foreign market. It maintained a continuously high quality of production and successfully certified its production programme to serve the nuclear energy segment. ZPA Nová Paka is successfully continuing in its business activities. It is developing and improving its main production programme with its tradition of more than 72 years.

Company at divestment

The new crisis management installed by Jet Investment prepared a plan for taking the company out of bankruptcy. Its main parameters included negotiating credit with another bank, reducing the number of employees to be in proportion to revenues actually achieved, establishing a proper sales and pricing policy, putting unnecessary assets to their best use, and, most importantly, developing the main production programme, because the manufacture of measurement and regulation technology for industrial use was evaluated as highly promising.

Company at takeover

Jet Investment entered into the failing company ZPA Nová Paka when its current management was unable to implement a business plan to take the company out of its crisis. The lending bank contributed to escalating the situation by demanding immediate lump-sum repayment of a loan, thereby putting the company at risk of bankruptcy.

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