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Private equity - why to invest

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A vast number of investment opportunities can be found among European industrial enterprises that are not publicly traded on any stock exchange. Oftentimes these companies have immense growth potential but insufficient financing or managerial know-how. We can provide both of those. At Jet Investment, we also see potential in companies that are having problems but can be put back on their feet by strategic management. Whether these be young companies poised for expansion or stagnating businesses waiting for a new impetus, we always strive to find a path to their further development. Private equity is a means for positive change in the environment where we live. This is change that makes sense.


Private equity by Jet

We prefer to own majority shares in small and medium-sized industrial companies.

Active Management
Our team of experienced project managers specializes in restructuring. In acquired companies, we replace ineffective management and provide the impetus to move businesses in new directions. We build strong platforms in specific industries and sell off unproductive assets. We finance the development of production or take advantage of synergies with companies in our portfolio.

Inclusion into the Portfolio
Enterprises that can be integrated into or extend our industry platforms are held in the portfolio for a longer time and we develop them further.

Once we have put companies well on their way, we seek strategic partners to which we can sell at a profit.

We are motivated to achieve the greatest possible returns for our investors.


The victory of private equity over the public equity market

  1. Private equity investments are not subject to the equity market’s volatility >>> they constitute a suitable component of every diversified portfolio.
  2. Private equity investments are not driven solely by quarterly results >>> private equity focuses on long-term vision and a sustained strategy.
  3. Private equity investors play an active role in managing their assets >>> an experienced investor purposefully influences the risk associated with the investment and this remains fully under the investor’s control.

The role of an investor in private equity funds

Qualified investors enter the fund by signing an investment contract stating the maximum amounts they wish to invest.

During the investment period, the fund’s manager calls for funding from the investor in partial sums up to the agreed maximum amount.

In addition to usual distributions over the course of the investment horizon, the fund will open at its end and investors will exit by selling their shares.

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