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Our team

Jolana Bláha

Office Assistant Jolana has been working at Jet Investment since 2017. As Office Assistant, she takes care of the everyday administration, is responsible for running the reception, and assists at business meetings. blaha@jetinvestment.cz  Celý článek

Petra Míšková

Back Office Manager Since 2018, Petra has been providing vital support for the entire Jet Investment team. She manages the everyday work of the office from invoicing and banking, to communication with accountants, and to updating and checking data in the company database. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, she also works as Igor Fait’s assistant. Petra has a bachelor’s degree in Business… Celý článek

Gabriela Tlačbabová

Legal AdvisorGabriela poskytuje právní podporu celému týmu Jet Investment. Od roku 2001 zodpovídá za interní compliance, korporátní a personální agendu a zajištění administrativního chodu společnosti a investičních fondů Jet. Gabriela je absolventkou Právnické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity v Brně. Celý článek

Jan Franěk

Associate DirectorJan is project director for Payment4U and is active in seeking out and managing new acquisition projects. Jan joined Jet Investment in 2015 as a new graduate in Management and Economics from Brno University of Technology. Initially, he focused on supporting the individual project directors. He participated in the acquisitions of Fiberpreg… Celý článek

Peter Gerl

Director Peter has been part of Jet Investment since 2018 as project manager and head of strategy for the COMPOSITE Group platform. He is also a member of the supervisory boards of Benet Automotive and Fiberpreg GmbH. In these companies, he is mainly responsible for developing future orders, R&D of new technologies, and developing strategic customer and… Celý článek

Jiří Šmehlík

DirectorJiří is currently managing the restructuring of Slovenský hodváb PLUS and Kordservice SK PLUS. In addition, he is preparing the revitalization of an extensive land area dedicated to development projects in Slovakia. He has been working within Jet Investment since 1998. Among other projects, Jiří participated in managing the following projects:… Celý článek

Jiří Kroc

DirectorJiří works in identifying and overseeing investment opportunities for the Jet 2 Fund, building new industry platforms within the fund and their management, as well as overseeing the subsequent divestment processes. As project manager, he is responsible for the management of the HOECKLE POLDI Group.  Celý článek

Jan Brávek

DirectorJan is responsible for managing the Jet 1 and Jet 2 Funds. In addition to their everyday operation, he handles relationships with Czech and international investors and, in particular, institutions.Prior to joining the Jet Investment team in 2018, Jan was employed in the Austrian Erste Group, where he specialized on project credit,… Celý článek

Jan Sklenář

DirectorAs a project director within Jet Investment, Jan is focused primarily on MSV Metal Group, where he is a member of the board of directors. He is primarily responsible for MSV Metal Studénka’s strategic management and for acquisition projects, such as that of Kuźnia Ostrów Wielkopolski in Poland. Jan also participates in seeking out and executing new… Celý článek

Oldřich Šoba

DirectorOldřich has been working in Jet Investment since 2014 as Chief Operating Officer. He was responsible for the licence proceedings at the Czech National Bank and foundation of the Jet 1 and Jet 2 private equity funds. As project director, he has been focused also been on seeking out and managing investment projects. He is a member of the boards of… Celý článek

Marek Malík

PartnerMarek is responsible for seeking out and managing investment projects. He joined Jet Investment in 2010 and previously was active in seeking out new acquisitions, managing the portfolio companies and their divestments. Marek is a member of the boards of directors at Fiberpreg CZ, and Payment4U and is a managing director at BENET AUTOMOTIVE. Marek is a… Celý článek

Libor Šparlinek

PartnerLibor is responsible for investor relations and subscription of the Jet funds’ investment shares. He has worked within Jet Investment since its founding in 1997. In the past, he successfully managed several real estate projects and was active in pursuing synergies between companies within the group. As chairman of the supervisory boards of MSV Metal… Celý článek

Lubor Turza

PartnerLubor is responsible for seeking out and managing investment projects. Since joining Jet Investment Group in 1997, he has successfully conducted a number of acquisitions, served as a project director and was responsible for divestment of reorganized companies.Lubor oversees the strategic development of several companies as managing director… Celý článek

Igor Fait

Managing PartnerIgor is a Brno native and patriot and a founding partner of Jet Investment. As a member of the boards of directors and supervisory boards, he oversees strategic development of all portfolio companies and the evaluation of acquisition opportunities.Igor graduated from the Faculty of Business and Economics at Mendel University in… Celý článek