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Fond Real Estate Mise

To accelerate investment and business capital

As investors, we see a truly unique opportunity that sensibly joins investors’ risk and return requirements from real estate investments with business investments and the interests of property owners. Celý článek

To help Czech industrialists and business

Entrepreneurs can use the capital tied up in real estate much better and more effectively in their core businesses. By financing this capital, we untie their hands and enable them to do so. Celý článek

To provide proper care for industrial properties

By separating real estate ownership and its specialized management from the business itself, we increase the value of both. As direct owners of a number of industrial enterprises, we know exactly what is required for the effective management and development of properties at industrial premises. Celý článek

To invest in real estate where we know the lessee

The value of industrial real estate lies not only in its location and quality but also in the lessee’s creditworthiness. Our longtime experience in industry enables us to evaluate and critically analyse this better than typical real estate investors or developers. Celý článek

To provide investors with long-term sustainable value

By combining investments in industrial real estate with its active management, we offer investors an attractive return on invested capital with relatively limited investment risk. Celý článek