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Fond Real Estate FAQ

Crisis management

Managing investments in crisis situations has always been one of the key pillars of our know-how. Our private equity team is thus able to offer tenants expert assistance in all areas of their businesses. Celý článek

Risk aversion

When selecting projects, we invest with a conservative level of indebtedness. Projects must make economic sense on their own. We know from experience that this is the right way to grow property value successfully over the long term. Celý článek


We understand real estate from both sides – as investors and as tenants. By thoroughly analysing a business, its real estate, and the tenant’s creditworthiness, we minimize investment risk right from the outset. By competently managing and developing buildings, we maintain high quality for the tenant and increase the value of the properties in our portfolio. Celý článek

Active management

We select such investment targets whose value we can multiply through everyday work. With our long managerial experience, we are able to focus on investments with potential for high added value. By actively managing real estate assets, we will achieve an attractive appreciation with limited risk. Celý článek

Investment focus and asset diversification

We focus primarily on investments in industrial real estate. An attractive return remains our key criterion, however, and thus, in the interest of diversification, we will be involved in opportunistic investments in commercial assets within the office and retail areas and potentially also in residential housing. Celý článek