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How to become a Jet 2 investor

Your exit from the Fund

At the end of the investment horizon, only liquid assets will remain in the Fund – that means funds from the sale of the portfolio companies. At that time, Jet 2 will be transformed from a closed to an open-ended fund, thus enabling you to exit by its buying back your shares. We believe that eight to ten years from the time of your investment this will be a pleasant obligation. Celý článek

Za polovinou investičního horizontuThe far side of the investment horizon

Jet Investment’s managers have the same objective as you do throughout the Fund’s entire existence: return the acquisition value of the shares back to you as quickly as possible. They have a purely pragmatic reason for that. Until what you have invested is back on your account, the investment company and its founders are not entitled to the performance fee. Although we cannot predict when exactly this will happen (probably in the second half… Celý článek

Fund’s investment period

The first three years of the investment horizon, which is established in Jet 2’s case as eight to ten years, will be the busiest period for you. From 2018 to 2021, Jet Investment will gradually call up the funding from its investors and use them to make acquisitions in target businesses. When this so-called “capital call” is made, you will have 30 days to send the required amount to the Fund. Upon paying in per the capital call, you will… Celý článek

Signing the investment contract

Have you decided to invest with us? We value your trust! Our first step together will be to sign an investment contract. This is an agreement whereby you undertake to invest in Jet 2 by subscribing to shares. The contract clearly defines the maximum amount you intend to invest and that must not be exceeded. Along with your contract, you also will receive the Fund’s Articles of Association, which spell out the rights and obligations of its… Celý článek

Before you invest

Each and every investor is an individual. We will discuss your needs and questions in person at a face-to-face meeting. If you will have an unanswered question, we will be pleased to answer it over a cup of coffee. If you have any concerns, we will work with you to address them. Give us a call, and we will agree a date that works for you. Celý článek