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Fond Jet 2 - FAQ

What is the ownership structure of Jet 2 Fund?

Jet 2 Fund’s general partners are the partners of Jet Investment, who will hold 10–20% of the shares in the Fund. The remaining 80–90% will be held by the limited partners, primarily consisting of high net worth individuals as well as domestic and international financial institutions. Celý článek

What is Jet Investment’s success fee?

The basic fee for managing Jet 2 Fund is set at 1.8% per year. We are achieving above-average returns, however, primarily because our project managers are working every day out in the field in managing our businesses. We at Jet Investment are eligible to receive performance fees only after we fully return the acquisition value of the shares to you, typically in the second half of the investment horizon. The performance fee is 1% for the… Celý článek

Who are Fund’s investors?

As the Czech Republic’s largest private equity fund, we make it possible for individuals to invest. More than 100 entrepreneurs and managers invested into Jet 1 Fund with us, with the minimum investment in that case being CZK 5 million. In addition to individuals, Jet 2 Fund will be open also to financial institutions. Celý článek

Do you know in advance into which companies you will invest and how many there will be?

We are planning to invest into eight to 15 small to medium-sized production companies in Europe from which we will build up four to five industry platforms. Considering the development phase the businesses are in, we will continue to follow our current strategy by carrying out buy-out, growth, rescue / turnaround, and late-stage venture acquisitions. We will maintain portfolio diversification while investing into industrial fields. These will… Celý článek

What is a capital call and when will it affect me?

In signing an investment contract, you undertake to invest an amount of your own choosing. You thereby give permission for Jet 2 Fund to ask for those funds during the investment period through a so-called “capital call”. During the first three years of the investment horizon, there will be several capital calls, typically before businesses are acquired. For example, Jet 1 Fund used six capital calls within its investment period. When a… Celý článek

What is an auction and how does it work?

If you will need to exit Jet 2 Fund before the end of its investment horizon, then during the annual auction Jet Investment will anonymously connect you with investors who are interested in buying your shares. You can transfer your shares either to current investors within the Fund or to new investors who satisfy the legal requirements of qualified investors. If you and your counterparty reach a deal through us, only then will we reveal your… Celý článek

Can I leave Jet funds during the investment horizon?

We are of course prepared for that possibility. Even though Jet 2 Fund is a closed fund, we would honour your wish to leave the Fund’s structure. For this purpose, we have prepared so-called “auctions” for you, which will be held at least once a year and by which we can assist you in divesting of your shares. A necessary condition for selling your shares is of course that there will be interest from one or more from potential buyers.… Celý článek

What does it mean that Jet 2 Fund is a closed fund?

The shares you own in the Fund always will correspond to the value of the assets owned (i.e. primarily illiquid ownership stakes in businesses). Therefore, it is not possible for the Fund to redeem its own shares at the investors’ request during its investment horizon. Celý článek

How long is Jet 2 Fund’s investment horizon?

Ideally eight, but no more than 10 years. Celý článek

What will be the target capital value of Jet 2 Fund after subscribing all investments in October 2018?

The Fund’s target capital value is in the range of CZK 2.5 billion to CZK 5 billion. Celý článek

When can I invest into Jet 2 Fund?

Jet 2 Fund’s subscription period is from March to October 2018. If you are seriously considering an investment, it is best to contact us as soon as possible. In case the Fund will be fully subscribed prior to the final date, it no longer will be possible to invest in the Fund. We would only be able to offer you another possibility to participate in our investments and returns several years from now through the intended funds Jet 3 and Jet 4. Celý článek

What return on investment can I expect from Jet 2 Fund?

For Jet 2, we have established a target internal rate of return, after deducting all expenses and fees, at 15% per year or more. Our Jet 1 Fund is achieving our assumed rate of return, having reaching 16% p.a. in two years. Celý článek

Is there some limit on the invested amount?

The minimum investment into Jet 2 Fund is CZK 1 million, and there is no upper limit. However, the invested amount determines which entity you will deal with in making your investment. Investments of CZK 10 million and more are our responsibility, and you will therefore sign the investment contract with a representative of Jet Investment. If you decide to invest less then CZK 10 million, our partner CONSEQ will work with you. This arrangement… Celý článek

What are qualified investor funds?

Investments into qualified investor funds, such as Jet funds, are not open to the general public. Jet funds allow investors – most frequently financial institutions and individuals – to take part in much larger investment opportunities than they would be able to achieve by themselves. That means you can invest with us only if you are aware of the risks that accompany investing into the Fund and if the investment is appropriate for your… Celý článek