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MSV Metal Group

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Industries Railway rolling stock
Divestment February 2020
Acquisition January 2013
Investment returns

The investment produced a 5.54× gross multiple of invested capital. The group's revenues grew from CZK 706 million to CZK 1.3 billion, EBITDA from approximately CZK 96 million to CZK 200 million. At the same time, the average salary at MSV Metal rose from CZK 28,000 to CZK 38,000.






In eight years, MSV Metal Studénka became a profitable company that is investing in technology and paying its employees well. It is a company with an order book at record levels, operating at full production capacity, and with a clear vision of how to develop further and where to invest. The new shareholder, Moravia Steel, is without doubt a strategic investor that will continue in developing MSV Metal and which will benefit significantly from synergies with the rest of the companies within the holding.

Company at divestment

Jet Investment's eight-year tenure as owner culminated in the successful sale of MSV Metal Studénka. The insolvent company into which Jet had invested has become a market leader with an excellent reputation, be it for quality, reliability, or the capability to develop new products. Among the most important of these were new types of bumpers and screw couplings. Indeed, MSV Metal was the only company on the market that managed to deal with the requirements of new standards for screw couplings. Among other reasons, all these goals were achieved due to trust placed in the company's management and the development plans it put forward. Investments into technology and products totalling EUR 15 million also contributed significantly to growth. In particular, investments were made in setting up a paint shop, in a heat treatment line, as well as in CNC capacities and GO forging units. Jet Investment also supported employee satisfaction, as evidenced by growth in the average wage for manual occupations and MSV Metal’s excellent reputation as one of the best employers in its region. Another significant impetus was the acquisition of a Polish competitor, KUŹNIA OSTRÓW WIELKOPOLSKI, whose forging operations brought additional capacity, access to the Polish market, a new product, and overall greater confidence in dealing with customers. During its ownership, Jet Investment also succeeded in bringing in a number of new customers.

Company at takeover

Jet Investment took over MSV Metal, a direct successor to the former Vagónka Studénka, in January 2013. Europe's leading manufacturer of die forgings, stampings, bumpers, pull hooks, screw couplings and drawbars for railway and other industries, it had gone into insolvency in May 2011 due to difficulties of previous shareholders. Reorganization of the company began in July 2011. It was one of the most significant court-approved reorganizations of a manufacturing company in the Czech Republic. When taking over the company in January 2013, Jet Investment set the following goals: to stabilize the company, to develop the subassembly segment, to maximize utilization of the production capacities, and to consolidate the market.

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