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Moravské autoopravny, a. s.

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Parametry produktu

Industries Auto service, automotive industry
Divestment February 2002
Acquisition October 1998
Investment returns

The returns led to the project’s appreciating to 4 times the initial investment.

Company at divestment

We successfully completed the investment plan to terminate production activities and sell the assets of the company’s extensive premises.

Company at takeover

As soon as we entered Moravské autoopravny, it was apparent that this company, one of the successors to ČSAD, the formerly state-owned Czechoslovak transport enterprise, with a production programme closely focused on general servicing and refurbishing of Tatra trucks, could not prevail in the new conditions. It faced a number of smaller competitors which could offer similar services at similar quality and with much lower costs. Moreover, the problems of Tatra itself also had negative effects on the company’s operations.

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