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Českomoravský len, a. s.

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Industries Textile industry
Divestment March 2001
Acquisition February 2000
Investment returns

The returns led to the project’s appreciating to 3.9 times the initial investment.


Through Jet Investment’s restructuring steps, we succeeded to separate the healthy divisions out of a non-functioning company while in large measure preserving the traditional production and jobs of a failing business.

Company at divestment

First, we stabilized the company by closing down the unpromising metalworking operation and reducing the number of administrative employees. That allowed us within one year to find strategic partners for the two remaining divisions. The lamination, including the know-how, production assets, and real estate, was included into the production portfolio of one of the largest manufacturers of wood fibre and MDF panels, Dřevozpracující družstvo Lukavec. The flax processing division, including most flax processing plants, found an owner in a company established and owned primarily by flax growers.

Company at takeover

As of our takeover, the company was operating at a loss. Its organization was divided into three independent production operations: paper impregnation and lamination of panels for the furniture industry, processing of flax stems in its own flax processing plants, and metalworking while developing its own line of simple agricultural machines.

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