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Industries Automotive, carbon materials
Divestment August 2019
Acquisition September 2017
Investment returns

The sale of BENET AUTOMOTIVE to a strategic partner was a relatively quick but efficient result of Jet Investment’s entering the project.


In 2019, BENET AUTOMOTIVE was taken over by the Japanese technology company Teijin Limited to play an essential role in Teijin’s European automotive expansion. Teijin is a global leader in the development, production, and sale of high-tech materials and products.

Company at divestment

Company at divestment – August 2019

In a relatively short time, Jet Investment succeeded in building a new management team and starting to set up efficient management methods. Jet launched transformation of the company so that it would be organizationally prepared for the future growth made possible by robust market demand for BENET’s products. The company had started a number of investments, be it increasing the capacity of autoclaves, in CNC machining, in acquiring stamping technology for carbon parts and software for product monitoring and production management. Centralization of carbon parts manufacturing and a new production layout at the main plant in Milovice also contributed to BENET’s consolidating its position as a stable Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry.

Company at takeover

Jet Investment acquired BENET AUTOMOTIVE in 2017, purchasing it directly from the company’s founder. Although BENET AUTOMOTIVE had by that time experienced many years of growth, the company lacked a management system that would enable its effective governance. That hampered further development of the company, which had annual revenues of around CZK 1 billion. Managed up to that time directly by its owner, the firm did not have a professional management team. For Jet Investment, this was a strategic investment that advantageously complemented the existing acquisitions of companies producing and processing carbon materials.

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